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Your company...

  • Your mission.
  • Your products or services.
  • Your brand.
  • Your competition.

Your target audience...

  • Their wants.
  • Their needs.
  • Their attitudes.
  • Their behaviors.

Your message objective...

  • To inform.
  • To persuade.
  • To educate.
  • To entertain.

The project scope...

  • The objectives.
  • The schedule.
  • The budget.
  • The participants.

A strategy...

  • For research.
  • For brand integration.
  • For creation.
  • For implementation.

How to relay the message...

  • A brochure.
  • A web site.
  • A poster.
  • A campaign.

The concept...

  • The overall idea that will
    give your message impact.

The words...

  • Writing from scratch.
    Or editing your words.
    Or using your words, as is.

The visuals...

  • Typography.
  • Images.
  • Color.
  • Other elements.

The solution...

  • Thoughtfully combining and blending all of the above into an effective message.

Turning the message
into a tangible form
by working with...

  • A printer.
  • A web site developer.
  • A sign fabricator.
  • A distributor.